Story for "Satan's Castle"
"other things in crestline" for "Satan's Castle" in Crestline, CA by totalhavok
I too remember my nights of partying at the castle. the stories of statinic cults deaths sacrifices. the guy who rode his motorcycle off it when he went mad. and did see pentagrams and other such markings on the walls and floor after jumping the gate to get down there. it has since been exercised by a high wiccian priestess. a man does own it (he`s very nice in fact. I spoke to him on the phone one day years ago when he called in about his credit card weird huh?) and has no problems besides people trying to see the old remenits of the castle. kinda upsetting for all us old timers i know. But as it seems we forget the bookstore owned by witches, the temple of the moonies, the scale model of the Taj Majahl. Ron L. Hubbards frozen head? and all the other oddities of dear old crestline. a place you can just go to and be forgotten... and prefect for fucked up people and there religions and the right to shoot us with salt pellets if we get to close..