Story for "Satan's Castle"
"I have been there many many times" for "Satan's Castle" in Crestline, CA by Kingfirley
I grew up in Lake Arrowhead and in my Jr High and High School years my friends and I would hang out at `Satan`s Castle` only we just called it `The Castle`. We used to go up there to get high and drink beer. Yup the good old days. There were many rumors of what went on there and there was even some evidence to back it up including a huge pentagram panted on the floor near a sealed entrance to one of the tunnels found beneath the ruins of the castle. It was said that some satanic rituals went on there at one point in time but I had never seen such a thing. But the tunnels that supposedly run under the castle are real. These tunnels apparently have been rumored to run from the castle to areas near lake gregorey and also to the underground scientology center near crestline. Me and a few friends did gain access to one of them and followed it a good 1/4 mile down, not straight down but gradually. There were several small rooms we could access but eventually the tunnel ended because it was flooded. I guess the story is that some scientist used to occupy the castle and one night something in the basement blew up and caused a fire that burned the castle down leaving just the stone and concrete foundation. The crazy thing is now someone has built a house on top of half the castle right near where the pentagram used to be. Not sure if its still there because it is all fenced in now. If anyone wants to know more about it they can email me at