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Name: Haunted house explained... finally
City, State: Lexington, KY
Type: House / Private Residence (Haunted)
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A large frame, two-story. antebellum house is located in the middle of an old civil war resupply camp/slave resettlement area, known locally as Camp Dick Robinson, near Lancaster, Kentucky. Four large sets of windows are distributed and equally spaced across the front of the house"s first floor. However, for as long as anyone can remember, one set of these windows, located at one end of the house, was kept closed and shuttered. The story went that a civil war soldier was shot to death thru that particular window, and that he haunted the room behind the window. Due to his ghostly presence, all succeeding owners of the house kept both the room and the shutters closed to pacify his spirit.

The house served as rental property for several years and afterwards it was pretty much abandoned... but the windows still remained shuttered. Finally, in the late nineties the house was sold and the new owners began the slow process of remodeling the place. Out of curiousity, I stopped one day to inquire about the closed windows and to my surprise, I found tha no room is actually found behind the window. Instead, the house had originally been built with a stair case to the second floor in this area where everyone had assumed had been a room. In order to maintain a sense of balance and symmetry, the builders had simply installed an extra set of false windows. Originally, the windows had either been covered by a dark curtain or simply painted black on the inside, and eventually, the shutters were just closed to hide them. No ghost. No real story of any consequence and the total ruin of a perfectly good myth. Fortunately, most local folks still don"t know about the staircase and they will gladly point the house out for you.

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