Lydias Bridge in Jamestown, NC
Information for "Lydias Bridge" in Jamestown, NC
Name: Lydias Bridge
City, State: Jamestown, NC
Type: Tunnel / Bridge / Road (Haunted)
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Backstory of "Lydias Bridge"
Lydia"s Bridge is an unused overpass (Trians still pass over it). There has been a new Underpass built about 1/4 Miles from this location. You have to look for the foot path that now leads to the old underpass which is overgrown with Kudzu, and you will feel a definate presence here!

Lydia was killed in a car crash at the underpass in 1923 with her date. They were on the way to their prom. Her Date was traveling way to fast to make the turn, rammed into the Underpass and was killed immediatley. Lydia was injured, and stumbled from the car and was searching for help, but no-one would stop.

Legand has it that if you were traveling on this road after 10pm you would see a young girl walking down the road. Whether you stopped or not, if you turned to look she would be in the back seat.

A friend on mine has told me that he was going home from work one night (he worked 2nd shift) and he saw a young girl right before he got to the underpass. (This was before the new one was built!) He stopped to see if she needed help and she asked him to take her home. She gave him directions to her house, and when he got there he left her in the car and walked to the door, knocked, and when an older woman came to the door he told her he had her daughter in the car. The woman looked at him with tears in her eyes and told him that it was no way possible, her daughter had been killed 30 years before in an accident at the "old bridge". When he turned to point her out in the car, the back seat was empty!

I have no reason to doubt my friends story. It took me years to get him to tell me about it. For so long all he would say was it was the Jamestown Ghost was a true story and shake his head. My friend has since passed on, but the legend is still talked about and investigated.

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