Satan's Castle in Crestline, CA
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Name: Satan's Castle
City, State: Crestline, CA
Type: Other / Misc (Haunted)
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There is a story I am wondering if anyone else out there can help me out with. I live in Southern California about 45 miles from this place on the top of a mountain. I"ve been told by some that there were satanic rituals, writings and on a clear day you can see the ocean which is about 50 plus miles from this area. I can"t seem to find anyplace where I can research this house or whatever it was. I have heard that they knocked down the original structure but that doesn"t mean there aren"t still things happening there. If anyone can help me please do so. I will take pictures soon and post them, but before I do that I really need more info before I even step foot on this property. Residents are reluctant to speak about this site. So there is no help there.

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Been there!holly26socal
high schoolferfer74
partyed there in HS...toytaco970
TB hospitalmichi
I have been there many many timesKingfirley
other things in crestlinetotalhavok
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The Skyland Gatesred_rum1
Satan's Castle - January 2008lisalcook8

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