Odd Fellows Lunatic Asylum in Liberty, MO
Information for "Odd Fellows Lunatic Asylum" in Liberty, MO
Name: Odd Fellows Lunatic Asylum
City, State: Liberty, MO
Type: Business / Industrial / Misc Building (Haunted)
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Added Since: 6 years ago

Backstory of "Odd Fellows Lunatic Asylum"
The three abandoned buildings that are still standing, are what was once known as the Odd Fellows Insane Asylum. These buildings although run down, are still very much full of life, of the paranormal kind. If you are brave enough to visit, stop by what and check into the hospital for a rest. It is located inside of the center building on the lower floor. (it would be a good idea to ask either Dr. or Ms. Bean for a tour first) Be sure to check out the link below.

ADMIN EDIT: Warning: This property is being renovated and is patrolled regularly. Be sure you get permission before visiting!

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