Witch's Hollow in Cave City, AR
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Name: Witch's Hollow
City, State: Cave City, AR
Type: City / Town / Area (Haunted)
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Backstory of "Witch's Hollow"
Witch's Hollow was an old "village" that existed between Cushman and Cave City. The stories have changed somewhat over the years, but the tales contain the same point and element. In some versions, a woman the villagers accused of witchcraft (I know this isn't Salem) murdered her husband in his sleep. Other versions claim the woman lost her husband in an accident and became a recluse from the affects of mourning his death and only ventured out at night to walk the roads crying his name. Because of her choice to withdraw from the community, the villagers claimed she was a witch. Once she passed away (not sure from what), the only thing that still stands is a few structures, including this woman's house.

The house is hard to get to and the remains and location of the "village" are hard to find. It takes alot of searching and maybe a native of that area as a tour guide. No kidding. I lived around the area for 10 years or so before I was even given a clue as to where it might be.

Anyway, they say that if you do find the "witch's" old house, and you make it up the long driveway, over the fence and up to the boarded windows to take a peek inside, you may find more than you are looking for. Although not much is mentioned about children in the tales, the place has a "thing" for children. My nephew had a bright light "orb" following him and he became sick as soon as he came upon the fence.

Tread lightly upon the sacred ground of our ancestors.

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