State Theatre/Hotel Marysville in Marysville, CA
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Name: State Theatre/Hotel Marysville
City, State: Marysville, CA
Type: Other / Misc (Not Haunted)
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The State Theatre is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Marysville, CA. Opened as the National Theater in 1926. This large theater has been vacant since 1999, and in pretty bad shape. The facade is either baroque or mission, and painted in unsightly browns. It is interesting for the number of niches along the upper story, which may have held statues in the past. The street level is boarded up, and has tacky tile from the 1970s. The marquee is similarly ugly.
I've heard no reports of any hauntings, but it looks like a candidate for paranormal activity.
Across the street is the old Hotel Marysville. It has been abandoned for 50 years(maybe). Don't know if there are any reports of paranormal activity.

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