Felix's Grave in St. Joseph, MO
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Name: Felix's Grave
City, State: St. Joseph, MO
Type: Cemetary / Park (Haunted)
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Backstory of "Felix's Grave"
According to local lore, there is a gravesite in the sunbridge hills conservation area that is haunted. Over the years, the story has changed. Some people tell a tale of a pioneer man that massacred his family, some say a baby was drowned in a creek, and others tell of a witch that was hanged and buried beneath a tree. What is true? Who knows.
What is fact is that there is an old family graveyard surrounded with a wrought iron fence along the northern trail of the area. This is supposedly the home of the haunted gravesite.
The Kansa Indians believed that when it was time to pass on, they would go to the sunbridge and ascend into the sky. It's no coincidence that this area was named Sunbridge Hills. Native Americans chose to pass away here.
Close by, there are the old Waterworks. When it was new, a number of drowning accidents occurred.These are documented. One of these was a small child and his father, who dove in to rescue him.
In the cemetery, there is also a woman and her child. The woman was an immigrant, and it is suspected the child was illegitimate. This is also recorded.
Below Sunbridge Hills, on the western side, runs Waterworks road. This area is home to many dug-outs and bluffs that overlook the Missouri River. Some of which you may have stood on top of while at the conservation area. There is a specific area, past the old waterworks and across the railroad tracks, that leads directly to the base of a bluff. You will find crumbling remains of a house foundation. The rumors surrounding this area are all the same: Satanic ritual. While the inverted pentagrams and crosses are laughable to me, they can be distressing to some. Molten remains of barbie dolls and candles litter the area, along with condoms and beer bottles. The idea of anything truly ritualistic happening here is pretty silly. But I would not recommend staying in this spot for any longer than necessary.
Both the bluffs above and the dugout below have their sinister qualities.

I am an admitted pagan. Immediately following 9/11, people of our country were in shock. Everything came to a standstill. People that pray, prayed. I chose to do a ritual, and I wanted to go to a place with strong energy. I went to Sunbridge hills. My hike up the Northern trail was uneventful. I found a spot overlooking the river. I did my thing as the sun set. Once I began though, I began hearing sounds all around me. Like footsteps. It didn't feel malicious, but I did feel watched. I finished up, and I left. The feeling of being watched followed me down the trail, and as I turned, there was mist right behind me. That day had been clear and warm. There was no reasonable explanation for the mist. I related the story to my mom and brother, and they both looked at me wide eyed. At the time, I had no idea that this area was also home to Felix's Grave.
In late August, 2005, My husband and brother decided to attempt their own "investigation" of the area. They took my brother's dog, a big husky mix and a camera. They approached the area from the bottom...the dugout I mentioned earlier. The dog seemed reluctant, and they had trouble getting up the little bit of a hill. Then my brother's truck just stalled. It wouldn't start. The guys decided to go on foot. The whole time, they felt full of dread. As it approached sunset, they began to notice that things didn't feel right. as they hiked down, the dog began to growl, quite loudly, at something behind them. They turned, and there was a large amount of mist, rolling down the hill toward them. To this day, they both swear that it was chasing them. They got in the truck, got it started(!), and left. But there was something that stuck with them. A smell. The truck and the dog reeked of something that smelled, well, dead. It stuck around for a few days and just as my brother was getting ready to detail his truck, it went away. The camera during this whole thing, stopped working. The batteries were dead. Or so it seemed. Then when they got back, it worked. I visited the area with my husband a few days later. We didn't stay late, but the whole time, I felt like something was watching us, full of malice and hate.
SO...are the mists native americans,curious about what people are doing on their sacred land? Is there a mother, wanting justice, up in the hills, following hikers? Is it a witch, seeking revenge against those who hanged her? Or a bereft father of a drowned son? OR did the unwitting wannabe satanists wake something sinister amongst the bluffs? Who knows. All I know is that there is SOMETHING there. As does anyone brave anough to venture there at sundown.

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