Berry Hill ((ROAD)) in Eden, NC
Information for "Berry Hill ((ROAD))" in Eden, NC
Name: Berry Hill ((ROAD))
City, State: Eden, NC
Type: Tunnel / Bridge / Road (Haunted)
Added By: ash921
Added Since: 7 years ago

Backstory of "Berry Hill ((ROAD))"
This road has always been on the lips of people. With the "berry Hill mansion" and the "satans bridge" to the train tracks. Ive heard so many stories about the bridge with all the dead animals found to people killing others on that bridge. If you have ever been on that road at night its a creppy feeling, the road has NO street lights what so ever! Oh and the train tracks are said to be haunted as well, ppl say you can see a lady in white walking down the tracks ive never seen her but i hope to! This road may not be haunted and then again it may be. Its up to the person to decided that for themselfs. But me yes its some crazy things that go on this road.

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