Sensabaugh Tunnel in Kingsport, TN
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Name: Sensabaugh Tunnel
City, State: Kingsport, TN
Type: Tunnel / Bridge / Road (Haunted)
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Backstory of "Sensabaugh Tunnel"
To start with, there are 2 tunnels out there, only 1 I know of accessible by vehicle though (that I know of). The most popular story about this place is a hobo came off the railroad and ended up at Sensabaughs house. It was said that he was a wealthy man, but this is by no means true. I was actually at the house where this story was said to have happened, well the burned remains anyway (about half was burned). Anyway the hobo is caught stealing and goes to run, Sensabaugh pulls a gun out, hobo grabs the baby in the house and used like a shield and ran. He killed the baby in the tunnel after he lost Sensabaugh.

So like I said I have been out there, several times actually. Both me and my wife did hear noises like a baby on one trip. The local ppl will tell you that you can hear it best when the water is up and running through the tunnel. Now every single time we have gone out there we catch something on the cameras both the digital and the 35mm. Normally just orbs and one time with a barely noticable figure. The weird thing is most the orbs are glowing red. Kinda cool. Those pics are on another hard drive, I will post them in a couple days.

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