Rotherwood Mansion in Kingsport, TN
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Name: Rotherwood Mansion
City, State: Kingsport, TN
Type: House / Private Residence (Haunted)
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Backstory of "Rotherwood Mansion"
There are (2) different stories about this place but I'm going with this one.Built by a man named Fredrick Ross in 1818 before the city was known as Kingsport (it was called Rossville).He had a daughter named Rowena.On her wedding day her mans boat flipped and he drowned.Then (2) years later she married again & that huband dies of yellow fever.Ten years later she married again and had a daughter who at the age of six passed away.Rowena just could not take no more and commited suicide.She is said to haunt this place.But Rowena was not a bad person and was not at all evil like the next owners!In 1847 Ross sold the house to a man named Phipps.He was a evil man and a cruel slave owner who actually had a torture chamber in the basement for slaves.He was nothing though compared to his wife that is rarely mentioned in any storys.If he was evil she was the devil.Phipps dies of a very unusual cause (a swarm of flies entered his room & suffocated him,now who the heck dies like that).On the way to bury him the coach holding the casket would not move no matter how many horses they hooked up to it.Then a very large black does is said to have jumped out of the carriage and run back to Rotherwood.Some say it became known at the Hound of Hell.There have been a large number of growling and howling sounds for years around this place.This place is also reported to be hauned by Phipps & his wife which explains why alot of people that have visited there years ago always said it "felt evil".This place at one time was open for tours but a Doctor bought it and renovated it and it is now under private ownership. New Info:I have researched the above story and have found out that this story came from Ghost Storys of Tennessee by A S Mott

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