John D Long Lake in Union, SC
Information for "John D Long Lake" in Union, SC
Name: John D Long Lake
City, State: Union, SC
Type: Lock, Dam / Waterway (Haunted)
Added By: p robbins
Added Since: 7 years ago

Backstory of "John D Long Lake"
This is the location where Susan Smith rolled her car in the lake with her children inside strapped in their car seats.After the car was removed with the childrens bodies,people went to look & a memorial was erected.A family had gone to the lake to look & their SUV was parked on the boat ramp in park when it rolled in the lake drowing them.Some say the Smith children are still there looking for someone to play with,the sounds of laughter & orbs have been reported at the monument.

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Smith childrens gravep robbins2
Susan Smith/child killerp robbins2

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