Shoe Factory Road in Hoffman Estates, IL
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Name: Shoe Factory Road
City, State: Hoffman Estates, IL
Type: House / Private Residence (Not Haunted)
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There were two spots located in this area with urban legends associated with them. I originally found the information on The Shadowlands website which had them listed as being in Barrington but they were located in Hoffman Estates and some further information on another site.

The first place was supposed to be a scary stone building where ghosts were to be found. The location was actually the Lindberg School which had closed many years before. Unfortunatly, the people in charge of the suburb decided that it needed to be removed for single family homes to be built. The homes in the area which are still being built even with the housing market falling, so that should work out great. From information I was able to find, there was never a serious paranormal investigation on this property due to a severe lack of documented activity. The history of the location is short and can be viewed at

The second place is just down the road from the former school site. It is an old farm and silo said to be haunted due to the farmer slaughtering his family. Again, to the best of my knowledge, no serious investigation has ever taken place. I was also unsuccesful in finding information on the alleged murder or any violence on the property. When I visited the site, the "haunted" barn was already removed. The trees on the property, which gave it the legendary spooky status had been removed as well. New housing was located just across the road and the surrounding field had been cleared.

The pictures were taken from the car as it was raining heavily and traffic was moving well along the road.

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