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Name: State TB Hospital
City, State: Paris, KY
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I didn't mark this place as haunted because I don't believe in ghosts and stuff like that. Their was a ghost hunter who came in and did a story about the abandoned hospital a while back. She found all those EVP's and spirit orbs and malarky. I think it's a load of crock, but here's a link to her site (I'll let you be the judge):

Alright so back to the story. This is an abandoned hospital used back in the 50's and 60's to treat the dreaded tuberculosis. It was in operating conditions for around 15 years, until the threat of TB had safely diminished. It was constructed by the state, and now is in the ownership of the County.

There are five buildings that make up the entire area. One is the actual hospital itself. (From the perspective of facing the hospital from the road) To the left is what I believe to be a house for the head of the hospital. To the right is a building for nurse and doctor dormotories. Behind the hospital is a maitnance building, and behind that is the boiler house. Of all these, the only one still in use are the dormorories. They have been converted to the Bourbon County Comprehensive Care Center, which runs a rehab and support programs for multiple things.

The main building, from my recolection, is 4 to 5 stories high. There is a basement, which has a low ceeling, is unfinished and spreads out like one big room under the building. The roof is accessable. A chilling site in this building is the mourge. Beds and charts are still laying around, as if the entire population just dissapeared. Floors are unstable in some areas.

The administrators house is like any other house; bedrooms, bathrooms etc.. it has a basement as well.

The maitnance building is very basic. Brick walls and finished roof, but dirt floors. Nothing to exciting here.

The boiler room is an interesting place. It has two incenerators which are in a large warhouse like room, with rubbish all over the floor and large metal objects all around. Catwalks shoot around in the space above, as do rusted metal pipes. A large room adjacent to the boiler room is filled with papers and debris. The papers apear to be records of patients and other hospital documents.

Entrance into any of these buildings is seen as illegal trespassing and they will most likely take you to the detention center, which is like 100 yards away (yeah so be careful). Asbestus is also a big problem in all of these buildings, that is what has prevented a demelition team from removing them.

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