Peterson-Schuessler Body Dump in Chicago, IL
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Name: Peterson-Schuessler Body Dump
City, State: Chicago, IL
Type: Other / Misc (Haunted)
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Backstory of "Peterson-Schuessler Body Dump"
In October of 1955, three boys left home to go see a movie, their disappearance and murder were just the beginning of a time that has been sometimes refered to as Chicago's loss of innocence (but then again every few years the news says that about this city). The boys were last seen alive at about 9:05 pm. that evening of their disappearance. Two days later the bodies of the three boys were found about 100 feet East of the Des Plaines River, along Lawrence Ave in Robinson Woods. All three bodies had their eyes covered with tape and their clothes were missing. Many years later, it was theorized by a Chicago Police Detective, John Sarnowski, that they had possibly met up with an infamous legend in Chicago named John Wayne Gacy, who was a teenager at the time. At the time of the disappearance, Gacy actually lived near to where the boys were from. The case went unsolved due to lack of any solid evidence for decades. In fact the location of the home where Gacy hid many of his victims as an adult is also close to where the boy?s bodies were found.
In 1977 a man named William Wemette, who was a government informant, accused Kenneth Hansen of being involved in the disappearance of Helen Vorhees Brach, Heir to the Brach's Candy fortune. As police dug into his past, they discovered a connection with Hansen's past and the murder of the Schuessler and Peterson boys. In September of 1995, a jury convicted Hansen of the murders, sentencing him to 200 ? 300 years in prison.
Since crime and murder in the Chicago area is really nothing new, normally this wouldn't find a place in ghost lore.
Being located not far from where the Robinson home once stood, and just down the road from the Robinson Cemetery, odd things have been seen and experienced within the area. Occasionally, small balls of light and out of place mists have been seen and reported over the years. I have even spoken with two people who claim that they heard voices within the forest when no one else was seen. Although close proximity to the street cause some restraint in using these experiences as hard evidence, it is an area of interest and worthy of further study.

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