Camp Beauregard in Water Valley, KY
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Name: Camp Beauregard
City, State: Water Valley, KY
Type: Cemetary / Park (Haunted)
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Backstory of "Camp Beauregard"
Established in Water Valley in September 1861, it"s purpose was to protect the eastern flank of the Confederate garrison at Columbus, Kentucky, as well as the railroad that extended from Paducah to Memphis. It also served as a training and recruiting center. At its peak, it housed 6,000 men. No actual battles were fought here, but scouting parties engaged in minor skirmishes. Epidemics of typhoid fever, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and cerebrospinal meningitis took their toll of the men stationed at the camp, and it is estimated that as many as 1,500 soldiers died. It was abandoned in February of 1862.

Today the area is now a beautiful fenced-in cemetery atop a large hill. At the top of the hill is a large monument covering a mass grave. Rumored is that as many as 1200 soldiers are buried under the monument. Also of interest is that at one time there was a tombstone of a woman buried on the outside of the fence whose headstone was vandalized, with the word Witch carved into it. This vadalization is rumored to have dated back to the early 1900s. Unfortunately, the stone has been removed, and the grave is now unmarked.

Paranormal activity varies through out the year, with the most activity happening from late November until March. My personal experience with the area includes seeing lights dance on some of the headstones, and seeing various dark figures running through the graves only to vanish. There is also a black, beast like figure that will chase you in an attempt to make you leave. On a night that a friend and I went out there, I believe it followed us for several miles before flooding the car with an overwhelming scent of cinnamon and then vanishing. There are also reports of people hearing combat sounds, including what has been described as the sound of sabers clashing. Fortunately, none of the spirits there seem malevolent, just protective of their home. I have gotten some very interesting video footage and photographs there, as well as picked up EVP.

All in all, Camp Beauregard is a beautiful cemetery complete with rich history, active spirits, and a gorgeous view.

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