John Wayne Gacy House in Chicago, IL
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Name: John Wayne Gacy House
City, State: Chicago, IL
Type: House / Private Residence (Not Haunted)
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John Wayne Gacy is a name well known in this part of the state. He was executed by letal injection on May 9, 1994 for the murder of 33 young men and boys. He would lure his victims to his home by offering them jobs. He would then rape and kill them or kill then rape them. once he was done with them he would throw the bodies into the Des Plaines River. Once the police started to watch the area he began hiding the bodies under his house and patio. The story goes that once the house was destroyed, plant life would not grow on the land itself. The address has been removed from Chicago registration. Eventually someone purchased the lot and the house lot next door, building a house over the front of both lots ensuring that the address would never again be used. Some activity has been roumored within the work site and just after the new house was built. Unconfirmed stories also place the Cardinal of the Chicago Archdiocese as blessing the house himself to place any restless spirits to rest. As of this writing there has been no known activity information released to the public.
I recently spoke with the gentleman who had originally informed me of the house blessing at this location. In the early 90"s he was studying at the seminary in Chicago when during one of his classes the subject of blessing objects and people was brought up. At that time the instructor related a story concerning the property that had belonged to the mass murderer. The instructor had said that after the original home was removed and before new construction began, that the Cardinal himself had come down to the area to perform a blessing ritual of the land to help those that had been killed there could find peace and settle any malingering spirits which may have been attached to the area.
My informant has requested to remain anonymous due to his current situation and as such I will respect that request.
Please notice that this location is NOT listed as haunted.

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