Summit Elementary in Amarillo, TX
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Name: Summit Elementary
City, State: Amarillo, TX
Type: Business / Industrial / Misc Building (Haunted)
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Backstory of "Summit Elementary"
Summit was one of the first predominatly black elementary schools and back in the 60's when we were desegregating they were sending children from the school to all the white elementary schools. The story goes that the janitor went crazy because they was sending black students to white schools that one night, he kidnapped four children and killed them in the broiler room. You can actually see inside the broiler room from the outside in the back. Rumor has it that he then committed suicide off the smoke stack that is located near the broiler room. My contact was as follows: Back in 1997, a friend and I parked in the alley of the school. There was a basketball court where we used to park and chill, but that night we wanted to test things out. I put the car in neutral and we both made sure that the car was totally not on a hill. For a while everything was fine until all of a sudden we were going forward. Slowly and then faster so I pushed the brakes and locked the doors. There was nobody outside of the car. Fast forward to 2007. Around January, I decided to ask the new owners if I might be able to investigate using some cameras and with their permission of course, prove otherwise of a haunting. I was walking my dog at the time and the man told me I would have to talk to some church, because they now owned the property, which is now used as an activity center for San Jacinto Christian Academy. Coming along the side of the school facing the alley there is a door with three steps leading to it and to the right is an orange grate with a hole in the side so as you can bend down and look inside. It was daytime and I looked and I saw a tarp and wondered if any of the homeless ever sneak in there and sleep at night. The next day, I decided to take my husband and my dog again to the Summit Elementary and on the way back to the car, I had a hunch to look in the grate again. It was again daytime as at night i do not like to go on the property. I bent down with my dog and glanced inside and seen a man standing facin away from me. I seen black work boot with blue jeans and a greenish shirt but what sent goosebumps and negative energy up my whole arm and throughout my body was that it was only the right side I saw. And I knew it was not of this earth because of the negative energy I automatically got. I backed up and took off to the car and begged my husband to take a look to see if I was seeing things, but he took one look at me and he said, if you said you seen it you got me messed up to look cuz I believe you. That is the last experience I have had, besides a dream I had one time about going inside. But I have never actually been inside.

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